Komissarzhevskaya Theatre

Komissarzhevskaya Theatre

Detailed description

A small, but very beautiful theatre is located in the very heart of St. Petersburg, in Italyanskaya Ulitsa, next to the Theatre of Musical Comedy. It was not by chance that Vera Komissarzhevskaya, the great actress who created this theatre in 1904, chose to open it in the Passage. Theatrical performances had been held here before, and, although they were only amateur shows, they were incredibly popular with the public. Vera Komissarzhevskaya saw her project as the theatre of the free actor, and even though she led the theatre only for two years, that time became the foundation, the cornerstone and the vector for the further development of the theatre.

Even in the most terrible time for Leningrad, in the harsh days of the Siege, the theatre artists did not stop rehearsing and giving performances, sometimes fainting from starvation. Thus, the theatre has gained its uniqueness and originality, and the repertoire has developed integrity and harmony. In those years, as well as now, buying a ticket to Komissarzhevskaya Theatre meant to have a fine taste! The stunningly beautiful chamber theatre with gorgeous chairs and a cozy atmosphere welcomes its spectators all year round.

The main stage is for an audience of 572.

The small stage is for 36 to 54 viewers (depending on the performance).

During the high tourist season, the theatre shows performances of classical Russian ballet. You are offered to see

"Swan Lake"


"Sleeping Beauty"


and other ballets.

Address: 19 Italyanskaya Ulitsa

Activity level: low

Where does it start:

19 Italyanskaya Ulitsa

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