Peterhof. The Lower park with fontains

Peterhof. The Lower park with fontains

Detailed description

The lower park of Peterhof is the most famous part of the Palace and Park complex. It is this wonderful ensemble with its architectural monuments, fountains and sculptural decoration that has made the Museum-reserve famous all over the world.

The Lower Park followed the model of the suburban residence of the French king Louis XIV in Versailles; it was laid out in the French style, called regular, which was fashionable in those days.

The person who determined the general composition of Peterhof and its further development was Peter the Great himself. The architect I. Braunstein used Peter's sketches as the material for the development of the master plan of the residence.

The Lower Park features several artistically complete architecture and park landscaping ensembles, each of which includes a palace, lawns, fountains and the so-called household corners. This is the central ensemble, which includes the Grand Palace, the Big Greenhouse, the Monplaisir Palace, the Marly Palace.

Currently, the majority of trees in the park are lime trees, oaks, maples, ashes, birches, black alders, spruces, and there are also a few chestnuts, firs and larches. The floral design is special in the prevalence of bulbous plants, medicinal herbs, and roses. The vast territory of the park contains a variety of picturesque corners, and everyone will find some place to suit their taste.

However, what made the Lower Park the world-famous is its unique and numerous fountains.

The opening hours of the park: Seven days a week, 9:00 - 20:00

The hours when the fountains are on: 

Weekdays: 11:00 - 17:00

Weekend: 11:00 - 19:00

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1 pax 280
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3-6 pax 110
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17-25 pax 60
26-40 pax 55

Activity level: above average

Duration of the tour – 6,0 hours

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