Peterhof. Lower Park+Grand Palace

Peterhof. Lower Park+Grand Palace

Detailed description

The world-famous palace, fountain and park ensemble of Peterhof, often called the «Capital of Fountains», is situated 30 km from the center of Saint Petersburg. Without any overestimation Peterhof can be called the main gem of Saint Petersburg’s “pearl necklace”, as unique suburbs of the city are often called. The history of Peterhof dates back to the reign of Peter the Great. The Emperor regularly traveled there to oversee the construction works. During the long and wearisome trip several wooden houses were built on the place where Peterhof would later appear. In 1714 Peter the Great conceived the creation of a splendid official royal summer residence that would in its splendor overcome French Versal.. The main attraction of Peterhof is its hundreds of fountains, each unique in style and decor. The most treasured among them is the famous Great Cascade designed by Peter the Great. This grandiose fountain construction unmatched in the world is shaped as a grotto with stairs-waterfalls on the both sides. The Samson Fountain with a great spewing lion became the brightest monument to the glorious victory of the Russians over the Swedes in 1709. The wonderful parks, countless fountains of various forms and styles, cascades, majestic palaces, numerous gilded statues of ancient gods and heroes were to demonstrate the might and glory of Russia that had turned into a navy state and become firmly established on the Baltic Sea. Visitors can admirer the unique beauty of Peterhof, that represents the harmony of art and nature. The gleaming gold, the exquisite architecture and the splashing of the fountains create the most impressive sight.

The opening hours of the park: Seven days a week, 9:00 - 20:00

The hours when the fountains are on: 

Weekdays: 11:00 - 17:00

Weekend: 11:00 - 19:00

Number of people Price ($ per person)
1 pax 280
2 pax 170
3-6 pax 110
7-10 pax 80
11-16 pax 70
17-25 pax 60
26-40 pax 55

Activity level: above average

Duration of the tour – 6,5 hours

Where does it end:

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from 55 $

* Entrance fees are included in the price.


No hidden costsAdmission fee to all museums\venues as of the itinerary Great value for the money
Professional approach and licensed personable guidesVisa free shore excursions (applicable for voyagers arriving aboard seafaring vessels)Convenient pick up/drop off locations

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