Oranienbaum state

Oranienbaum state

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The ensemble of the Grand Menshikov  Palace in Oranienbaum, a monument of the first half of the XVIIIth century, was started by the Prince A. D. Menshikov in 1711 under a project by the architect F. Fontana. The construction of the Central building of the palace was completed in 1716 by the architect I. F. Braunstein. At the same time, the curved wings of the palace, adjacent to the central building from the East and the West, were built. In 1717, the Lower garden was laid out in front of the palace, and in 1719, the tower pavilions, the Eastern and the Western (Church pavilion), were built. In 1719–1720, the Western (Kitchen) wing was attached to the Western pavilion. The finishing of the state rooms had been completed by 1720. The church was consecrated on September 3, 1727.

In 1918, the Palace was handed over to the local council and came under the protection of the Commissariat of property of the Republic. The Grand Palace housed a hospital, an agricultural school, and a forestry college with a hostel for students. In 1934, the palace building was transferred to the Navy.

In 1934, the space of the Church pavilion was divided into separate floors, and the unique iconostasis was dismantled. The transfer of the Grand Palace to the Museum and the sanctuary began in 1995.

In 1996, the Japanese pavilion, being the only restored part of the palace, was opened to visitors. Until the present day, the halls of the Central building, which have not been restored yet, have been used as exhibition rooms.

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